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Palm Desert


Jet Setter

Jet Setter


Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, but sometimes I struggle with finding the right outfit to wear that’s both stylish and comfortable. This past weekend I traveled to Las Vegas for one of my friend’s bachelorette party and she reminded me how simple pieces really are the best to wear.  Today’s look is a version of her effortless look. A soft hand tee worn with distressed denim will not only withstand long hours of sitting but also allow you to adjust to any climate changes you encounter.  Since we were in a warm part of the country, her strappy sandals were functional to wear on the plane and a perfect fit for the pool.  Our hair may be the same color but our textures are very different and I tend to travel with a baseball cap to help cover my next day hair instead of washing it daily and drying it out. To make this look your own you can play different colors, patterns or textured peicesand achieve the goal of feeling great and looking refreshed.


What are some of your favorite travel looks?



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