Winter Outerwear

Why do we spend all our time trying to pick the perfect outfit just to cover it up with the same boring coat we wear everyday? I know I can be guilty of this and I’m constantly reminding myself that it’s important to look the part on the outside too. Investing in winter coats can help update your look instantly. It’s important to have classic looks with a mixture of new trendy pieces as well. Finding a balance between separating work clothes from play clothes can be difficult. Choosing the right outerwear can help. Here are some great alternatives for warm outerwear this winter.

Monday through Friday


What are some of your favorite styles for the work week or weekend? Do you prefer splashes of color or are you more neutral based? Can you see yourself wearing these trends? Let me know what you think.


3 thoughts on “Winter Outerwear

  1. I like how these coats can look like a part of an outfit, not just a coat over an outfit. They are neutral enough to go with lots of looks too.

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