Monday Funday

Monday Funday
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Now that the festivities are over it seems I have a lot of catching up to do. Today I’m feeling a bit more casual than the past couple of days. With the rain falling and a storm still present all I want to do is curl up and feel cozy today. I love this oversized sweater. The maroon pants add a nice pop of color to the black and white scale. With the main pieces of this look being loud I kept the accessories simple in order to avoid over doing the look. I love watches and wear one everyday! This large faced watch is a classic style and is great to wear instead of  bracelets. Hats are a wonderful way to avoid the rain and add a punch of style to any outfit. My favorite purses are cross-bodies because they are so functional. I love the giant bow on this bag, it adds a little girly flair to the look.
What are some of your favorite Monday-Funday looks? Would you wear this outfit?

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