Bows, Bows, Bows…

Bows, Bows, Bows

Bow ties are a really fun way to add some spark to your casual outfits. By collaborating different styles you can pull off a very fresh and fun casual look that’s perfect for our rainy climate!  Rain boots have definitely stepped it up the past couple of years and you can find unique styles that aren’t just functional but also really stylish. As I’ve mentioned before I try to wear a watch every day. This wrap around look is great because it imitates a layered bracelet look. I’m a girly girl so I had to add some yellow bling to have a touch of sparkle to dress this look up a bit. An oversized coat is the perfect piece to pull this casual look together and stay warm.


Would you ever consider wearing a bow tie? What are some of your favorite rain boot styles this winter?




Bows, Bows, Bows by madsenstyle featuring crossbody handbags


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