Pretty In Pink


Pretty in Pink


I can’t believe today is the last day of the year.. It feels like I’m still supposed to be in 2010! This year was so unbelievable, yet I’m anticipating 2012 and all the wonderful adventures ahead. Today I’m feel exceptionally flirty and wanted to pull off the ultra girly look that is still sophisticated and sleek. The floral print on the dress adds a soft appeal to an otherwise risque silhouette that leaves little to the imagination. I absolutely love these Steve Madden pumps for this look. They are sexy and classy! Since it’s New Year’s I’ll only be carrying the necessities (phone, lip stick, ID, cash) and a small clutch is perfect. I didn’t want it to over power the look but wanted to add a bit of sparkle. By pairing these soft green teardrop earrings I’ll help down play all the pink and bring out the soft tones on the printed dress.

What are you doing tonight? Will you be wearing sparkles, prints or solid fabrics tonight? How are you stylying your NYE outfit?

Have a wonderful New Year’s everyone! I can’t wait for all the new blog surprises that will be coming in 2012!


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