New Beginnings

Fresh New Start

I’ve been getting a lot of requests to put together looks for specific events like job interviews, date nights, and so forth.  With it being a New Year and fresh start I wanted to put together a sophisticated work outfit that can be taken serious while still being elegant and colorful. So many work clothes are black with a splash of black. This is not inspiring at all. I feel that when you look the part you feel the part and it’s important to keep your personal style in every aspect of your life. If you’re someone who likes to add color, textures, or certain fabrics do so even in your work wardrobe. Another helpful hit is keep your work clothes separate from your play clothes. It may seem like a strange concept but it is very important to feel the part. If you wear your casual blouses that you associate with relaxing or running errands in on the weekends you will bring that into the work place. Wear clothing that is pressed, tailored, colorful, and most importantly makes you feel professional. Skirts are a wonderful way to mix up trousers and suits. Add colorful cable knit sweaters or delicate jewelry to add a more stylish look to your look. Just remember to tone it up with textures or fabrics but keep in mind you want to walk into a room and be taken seriously.


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