In the Garden

In the Garden

I am one week out from going on vacation! No longer will I need to need to wear layers and wonder if snow is in the forecast. It does feel strange planning outfits that centralize around shorter hems and bare shoulders. This is one of my looks I’ll be putting together. I’m looking forward to updating my last summer’s wardrobe with some of my new fall purchases to create fresh new looks. I am a fan of animal print but only to a certain extent. You will NEVER see me wear it more than once in the same month and I usually tend to pair it with pastels or black. I try to keep the print simple and only use very little of the print. By pairing these printed shorts with an elegant mint green sweater I’m able to have a peak a boo look. The shorts are still able to make a bold statement while the bright green shoes help take away the attention and blend the look. This is a great look for night when the sun is hiding and it’s still too warm to wear pants, but cool enough for a light weight sweater.

Any guesses where I’ll be vacationing? What are your predictions for 2012 summer trends? How would you wear animal print?


2 thoughts on “In the Garden

  1. I have an animal print coat. It looks great when the rest of what I wear is real simple, such as clack pants and a black sweater. Top it off with some jewelry and I am good to go.

    1. You are right! Wearing simple items with a bold print is flattering and you’ll never have to worry about going overboard. Thank you for sharing how you style your animal prints! Great idea!

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