Streets Lamps and Sequins

Streets Lamps and Sequins

It’s Friday night and if you’re anything like me its time go out and have some fun! I’m in a flirty mood and this is my look for tonight! I love tight leather leggings with sequin tops. This look is elegant and sharp. I promise you’ll be catching someone’s eye tonight! Since it is supposed to snow don’t forget to dress for the elements as well as the lounge. A clutch is the perfect accessory for a night out on the town. It helps limit you to only carry your essentials. Pointy toe heels are in ladies so tonight I hope you’re all wearing them. Happy Friday!


What will you be wearing tonight? Would you ever wear leather pants?




2 thoughts on “Streets Lamps and Sequins

    1. Brooke you are not alone. Leather pants can be an intimidating purchase. What I recommend to clients who like the look but aren’t sure if they can pull them off is to buy thick leggings with leather details. A leather strip down the side of the pant or leather insets are a great way to mimic the look and feel more comfortable. There are several alternatives out there that achieve the same look.

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