Snow Flurries

Snow Flurries

In these winter wonderland conditions it’s hard to leave the comfort of your home. Unfortunately, most of us on Monday’s have to start our workweek anyways. Whether you’re walking or driving we all have to face the elements and bundling up is the only way to stay comfortable. Now is the time to pull out your oversized sweaters and long jackets. Try skinny pants with boots and boot socks for an extra layer. Rubber or riding boots are easy to walk in will keep you dry as well. Don’t forget your gloves and scarves today because you’ll need them. Earmuffs are an easy way to stay warm and prevent hat hair. With so many choices and price points they are easy to find. Try purchasing ones in fun patterns or colors if all your winter jackets are black or neutral colors. This will add a splash of color and texture to your look. Hope you all are staying warm today!


How are you going to stay warm today? Do you wear earmuffs? Describe your favorite winter jacket.



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