Bundled Up

Bundle Up

With even more snow on the way here is a stylish way to stay warm and look great. Parka jackets with large fur hoods are amazing when it’s raining or snowing. They will keep you protected and warm when the elements aren’t on your side. I like to bundle up in this weather so I usually tend to wear hats for and extra layer. Colored denim and wool sweaters allow your winter look to still be stylish and comfortable. Rain boots are a must for walking in snow and slush. Save your nice leather boots from being damaged and invest in fleece liners for your rubber boots. There are so many colors, styles, and patterned boots these days so have fun with them and jazz up your snow look. When the sidewalks are slick I like to wear leather backpacks instead of carrying a purse. Remember to wear scarves with pattern or color to maintain an element of fashion with your parka on. You want to look pulled together no matter how many layers you have on or off.


How are you staying warm during the storm? What does your winter jacket look like? How are you incorporating style and color into your look?



3 thoughts on “Bundled Up

  1. Super cute stuff! Where can I find a parka like thr one in the photo? I also love the watch. You should list where to find thsee items or where to find similar items. I love your ideas, but I just dont know where to find them! Please help!

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