Jazz it Red

Jazz it Red


With Autumn just around the corner I’m so excited to burst out my fall wardrobe and start wearing new items! I love carrying over summer trends during this transitional period. I still love prints and mixing colors. I have no intention of dropping color for black, grey and drab hues quite yet. Printed pants started strong this summer and aren’t going anywhere. Down play the print with a neutral blouse if your a little nervous to dive into this trend. Keep your accessories fun yet not to over the top. Remember the focus should be on your print. I love these tailored pants with the bold blouse. It’s fun to go a little eccentric every once and awhile. Don’t be afraid to go all out and dress up, even if it is just another Sunday afternoon. Whether going to your local coffee house or enjoying time with family- make sure you always wear your favorite trends with your personal flare.

How are you wearing print? What are some of your favorite printed pant trends?


One thought on “Jazz it Red

  1. In the magazine “Be” for the Bellevue collection, J. Crew has a pair of printed pants and a sweater in burgundy that is fabulous. It would be a great start for this fall’s look.

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