Orange Julius

Orange Julius

Comfort is key.
Like I’ve mentioned before I walk A LOT since I live in the city. Even a high heel extremist like myself still needs to give my feet a break every once in awhile. These boots are just the thing. Since I’m a shrimp and like to appear taller than I really am- the small height is a plus while still keeping it low enough to not be a heel. When your going for a casual look remember less is more. The fewer items you wear the more pulled together and relaxed you’ll look. You don’t have to get ready in 5 minutes, just make sure your still polished. I love wearing fun graphic tee’s. I tend to go for a loose fit than tight because i love having shirts expose a little shoulder now and then. Skinny cargos are still one of my favorite styles this season. I love to get out of jeans and wear something that provides a little more pizazz. I probably wear stacked mismatch bracelets everyday, so for me this is becoming a staple. To always finish off my casual looks I chose one key item that pops. In this case I selected a bring orange purse. This just finish off the look and spices up the old T-shirt and jeans look.

How do you dress casually? What are you favorite boots this season?


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