Red Hot Lava

Red Hot Lava

The Seattle skies are gray, gray, gray today and I needed a pop of color. Red is the perfect choice! When everything around me seems to blur together I like to have a focus point. My red shirt and bag help bring color back into our dreary atmosphere. When you select a bright color remember to tone down everything else. My light wash skinny jeans, simple black boots and the leather jacket do just that.

What pop color do you tend to gravitate towards?


2 thoughts on “Red Hot Lava

  1. I love red too. It has such energy when outside is gray. Emerald green is the new color chosen by Pantone as the color to look for this year. I ail be curious to see how this transfers over into the fashion industry. Have you seen much of emerald yet?

    1. I’ve started noticing bright colors poping in all of the Spring trends. For Fall 13 the colors are rich and I can imagine that Emerald Green will be a big hit! It’s a very easy color to wear!

      Thanks for following along and for your comments! Remember- you can always ask for looks too!

      Happy Holidays!

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