Skull Candy

Skull Candy

I’m not just wearing my emotions on my sleeve I’m using my whole outfit. I went for an edgy look today because I’m on a mission to accomplish all my to-do list and nothing is going to stand in my way. With the rain starting up again I’m pulling all my stops and layering up with leather and wool. High closed toe pumps will keep my toes toasty and dry while I run between meetings an clients. When facing the elements, I want nothing to stop my look from losing its touch so i paired it with the structured jacket to round everything out and stay cozy.

How do you dress when your out to accomplish your to-do list? When facing the elements and unpredictable weather, what are some of your favorite outwear trends?


2 thoughts on “Skull Candy

  1. One of my favorite winter accessories is a patterned wool scarf, a big one. I can wrap it around my neck and give basic clothes a splash of color, dress up my coat, and when it is raining outside, I can pull it over my head for a moment. Abundant wool scarves dress up a look, keep me warm, and when necessary, keep me dry.

    PS Sooo excited you are coming to my home tomorrow for a wardrobe analysis. I am ready for a new look, and I am excited at what you can do for me.

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