Date Night

Date Night

Dressing for a date leads to endless possibilities. Whether you’re going to a movie or a night out on the town I tend to always lean towards the dressier side. I’m in love with this look because it pulls leather, lace and wool all together to pull off a sophisticated sexy look. Pairing it with heels adds an extra touch to help make it a tad bit dressier. If you tend to lean towards a dressed down look switch to a ballet fat and a skinny jean. You’ll still have a similar look and look great.

What are some of your favorite date looks?

5 thoughts on “Date Night

    1. Thank you for following along! I really enjoyed reading your blog and I like how your personal style and touch shines through. I especially like your nod to James Patterson. He is one of my personal favorites. Keep blogging and sharing!


  1. Let’s see, my two favorites: short lace fitted dress (slightly stretchy for a great fit) w/ tights & boots, OR black leggings, black silk blouse, chain-hip belt, & white moto leather jacket w/ black heels (w/ a bit of white stitching on them!).

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