Purple Hearts

Purple Hearts


There is something about a colored coat that always gets me excited for Spring. I love adding pops of color into my looks and today is no exception. I think using bold outwear pieces is a great and easy way to spruce up your look. If you’re feeling brave, pair your outwear pieces with a pattern or textured item in your closet. Don’t forget to mix prints as well. I personally love this floral print skirt and striped nautical shirt. The over coat pulls the whole look together yet everything is still polished without it. You can also color block your look if mixing patterns is a little too fashion forward for you. By color blocking your still able to pull off the same idea and look amazing.

What colored coats do you like to wear?


4 thoughts on “Purple Hearts

  1. Love this. I love the stripe top with the skirt. It’s unexpected. I don’t have a colored coat, but I have an orange jacket and love wearing it with navy. Also, my animal print coat can turn the doldrums outfit into a finished piece. Love this valentines look today.

    1. Orange and navy are two of my personal favorite color combinations! A printed outwear piece is a great alternative to a solid color, it allows you to personalize this trend to your style. Thanks for following along and the wonderful ideas!


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