Loyal Hearts

Loyal Hearts

Lately I’ve been channeling a more sophisticated girly style after being inspired by some of my favorite bloggers looks. Trying to recreate their outfits with my own personal style has been a great way to freshen up my go to pieces. Even fashion bloggers like myself get tired of the same old things in our closets. When I get stuck in a routine I tend to sit down and browse the internet, look at celebrity images and challenge myself to try something new. Mixing different contrasting colors, prints, textures or even daring to wear a pair of flashy heels with basic items can help me find a new favorite look.

How do you challenge yourself to create new looks without going shopping?


One thought on “Loyal Hearts

  1. When I m stuck in the wardrobe doldrums, I call my personal shopper, you. Even if we don’t go shopping, I learn to see what I have in a new light. I realized I and all these rules, dressy for night, business for day, etc. but you mix things up and show me how to wear them in new ways. I have particularly learned how to wear colored shoes with outfits, taking ordinary to sharp. Another thing I am learning is how to change a look with the right jewelry. Jewelry takes a basic outfit and gives it a policed look, if it is done right.

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