Work Hard, Play Hard

Work Hard, Play Hard


One of the best things about the summer is the anticipation of finishing work for the day and getting outside to soak up the sunshine. Whether your going for a walk, heading to BBQ, or enjoying drinks on a patio with friends; summer time is the best time to let loose a bit. Since I have the luxury of working from home I try to get up early so I can finish my schedule and spend as much time outside as possible. My go to outfits tend to be lightweight dresses that let me stay cool on hot days, yet look great as night settles in and I’m out with friends. I try to protect my skin as much as possible, so hats are also a necessity if I’m outside for long periods of time. Add a drink and wonderful company and I’m in total summer bliss.

What are your go to summer outfits on hot days?


3 thoughts on “Work Hard, Play Hard

  1. My go to outfit is always a dress. They have a style a skirt and blouse cannot replace and are cooler. Add some colored jewelry and I am ready to go. I’m with you. Dresses transcend from day to evening. Very nice.

  2. Love the dress and vintage camera! Most of my fashion displays and the pieces in my wardrobe are dresses, too. I like skirts as well; but, since they are most often tighter in the waist, they make me sweat. So, dresses it is! 🙂

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