Crave or Save

Crave or Save

With Fall fashions starting to hit the sales floor, I’m dreaming about a new leather jacket. For years I’ve been looking for the perfect cream biker jacket. With so many options out there I can get overwhelmed. Since this is a piece I’ve been looking to invest in for a few years I have the dilemma of purchasing an outrageously extensive jacket or finding a more affordable piece. Many of my clients are faced with this problem. My advise is always purchase an item in your budget. If you can afford it, love it, feel that it will be worn for multiple seasons then do not feel guilty purchasing the item. Just know that by buying that one item you could be sacrificing other garments needed to round out your closet.

What are your Fall fashion splurges?


2 thoughts on “Crave or Save

  1. I am really enjoing your blog. Great post. Fall is my favoirte season because I love layering (love, love, love layering!!). I like that you can easily take a favorite summer top, throw a leather jacket and scarf over it and have a whole new look. My favorite fall fashion splurges are boots and jackets, actually these are my favorite splurges all year round. 🙂

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