Open Road Ahead


Madsen Style started with a simple idea, to help inspire women about fashion. Women who were struggling with finding their personal taste, women who loved fashion, and those who just rolled with the flow. It was started for all women including myself. I had the idea to give advice on a daily basis, which at first seemed so simple. I had so much knowledge and experience from my schooling and working in the industry that I thought I would never run out. I was wrong. I learned that you can’t force creativity. Madsen Style is my own form of art; sometimes it flows abundantly and sometimes the creativity comes to a sudden halt. I had to learn to plan ahead, make time to blog, and learn to be inspired in ways I wasn’t before.

Another hurdle I experienced along the way was that my own tastes were changing, what I wanted from the blog was changing, and where I wanted to take my brand changed. I started the blog when I was in my mid twenties and now as I’m approaching my thirties my entire lifestyle has changed. I’m excited as I look back to have something documented in my own life that shows how much I’ve learned. It’s been my own time capsule in a way. I received an email from a follower this week and it reminded me how far the blog has come over the last three years. I never imagined that it would evolve into what it has. The opportunities and blessing of being able to do what I love are entirely because of you, my readers.

Thank you for experiencing and learning from Madsen Style with me. I can’t wait to embark on the next chapter with you all.


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