The Minimalist

If I could wear a dress everyday of the week I would and my closet definitely reflects this lifestyle choice. I think this started when I was a child and loved feeling like a princess while playing in the mud of course. As I grew up and realized that sleep is the best and waking up in the morning to birds outside of my window is the vain of my existence, I learned to appreciate the simple method of throw on an go.  Not having to figure out what to wear or how to match my top to my pants, helps save me valuable minutes of extra sleep. I love being able to pick one perfect fitting dress, sandals from my shoe rack and a denim jacket as I run out the door knowing that it’s the perfect ensemble for my busy day to night lifestyle. Plus when I’m half asleep I can trust myself and know I’ll still look polished and pulled together even when I may not feel like it before my morning cup of coffee.

What are your favorite go to pieces? Why do you gravitate towards them?


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