For the past few months I’ve been mixing up my beauty routine and decided to get lash extensions at a small privately owed lash salon called, House of Lash Dolls. I never knew that this simple trick would dramatically change my day-to-day process and boost my confidence the way it has.To say I feel more comfortable bare faced is an understatement. The sleek, light weight lashes gave my eyes an added pop and took years off of my face. Whether I choose to wear makeup or not these days, the soft lashes enhance my look and make me feel sexy and flirty.  Sara, the owner and senior lash stylist, is an expert at selecting the right lashes that frame your eyes for a natural or dramatic look depending on your personal preference. With several lash styles available, there’s an option for every budget and no excuse not to try these little magic workers.


Photographer: Alex Pravat

One thought on “MADSEN STYLE FEATURED SPOTLIGHT: House Of Lash Dolls

  1. Wow,
    Your eyelashes are beautiful and so natural looking. I didn’t realize eyelashes could take a look to another level like that.

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