The Perfect Blow Out

I always look forward to getting my hair blown out each time I’m at the Salon.  The unreal volume my stylist seems to effortlessly achieve, the soft silky texture and the way it seems to last for days makes me feel like a hair sexy model. After several failed attempts at home, I realized it was time to consult with an expert and discover the do and don’ts.

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Photo: by Element5 Digital on Unsplash Word Art & Pro tips: Cupcakes and Cashmere 

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  1. The first step in creating the perfect blow out at home, is working with freshly washed damp hair. I personally have thick hair and tend to leave it wrapped up in my hair towel to get all the excess moisture out and shorten the drying time. After you’ve used a paddle brush to comb out any snarls and define your part, start adding in hair products.  It’s so critical to use a heat protectant anytime you are using a hot tool. Blow out cream and a serum will also help keep your hair safe from the extreme temperatures; it’s an investment for your hair’s health. Once your brushed and the product is in, it’s time to start the blow out process.

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2. The one tip my hair dresser swears by, is to start drying the hair around your face first  using a round brush. Always dry your hair starting from root towards the ends using enough tension so the area is pulled straight. The biggest mistake people tend to make is not drying the hair completely. Go over each 2 inch section several times over; this will ensure great volume, smoothness and provide a sleek look . I tend to like a lot of volume around my face so I set the front pieces with Velcro rollers until I completely dry my remaining hair.

3. Once the front is completely dry and smooth, section off your hair in a half up half down style. A trick is to use your fingers or paddle brush and quickly dry your hair 75% of the way. This step can dramatically shorten the drying time, and lets be honest, every minute counts. Once the hair is ready, separate the bottom half of your hair to the nape of your neck, and put the section you’re not drying next in a Princess Leai bun.  Working with the loose section, again part in 2 inch pieces. Loosely wrap the hair around the round brush and in a circular motion pull the brush downward with the hair dryer concentrated on the top of the brush. To complete the ‘curl’ look, keep the hair looped around the brush  and in a circular motion, roll the hair around itself as the brush is pulled through. You can even use your fingers to help ‘set’ the curl.  This will take some practice but remember to use enough tension with the brush so the hair is pulled straight near your head. Doing so will create the soft, smooth desired look.

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4. Repeat step 3 all around your head in 2 inch sections until hair is completely dry and to your style preference. Feel free to touch up any pieces that are not to your liking.

5. Once hair is set, simply remove the Velcro rollers and finish with anti-humidity spray or a little hair serum on the ends to polish off the look. The result should be a sultry blow out that lasts for days!


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