The Faye Bag

A question I get asked frequently is, “what I am I spending my money on?” This is such a great question, and one that should always be asked! When it comes to clothing, shoes, bags and the such, it’s important to know if your splurging on quality or just the brand name. For a couples of seasons I’ve personally had my eye on the Chloe Faye bag, I absolutely LOVE it! I’ve seen it on almost every blogger I follow and in person countless times. To me it’s the perfect bag for Fall and literally goes with everything in my closet. When it came to committing to the $1.5k plus price tag, I really was in limbo. Do I splurge on the gorgeous piece and have buyers remorse later or do I look for an alternative?

Handbag: Amazon | Sweater: Target (similar) | Shoes: DSW (similar) | Jeans: Articles of Society 

I do know when it’s imperative to spend your hard earned cash on pieces that come with a steep price tag. Quality is the number one reason to splurge! You also need to consider how often you’ll wear the item & if it goes with multiple items in your closet. My go to rule of thumb is to spend money on my most frequently worn, classic pieces that fit like a glove. I know that when I purchase these items I tend to end up saving money in the long run versus buying those $30 jeans that need replacing every couple of months.

Handbags can be a tricky item only because certain bags can actually have their value increase over time. It’s important to do your research before spending a significant amount of money on one. Make sure you love it, think about it over night before pulling the trigger. There are amazing designer consignment and concierge programs out there. Don’t be afraid to shop around and make sure your getting exactly what you want. I personally found a bag that looks almost identical to the Chloe bag I’ve been coveting over and decided to save my pennies this time around with a similar Amazon version. (PSA: It’s under $100!!)  Not only am I satisfying my current obsession but I saved a ton of money and didn’t have to sacrifice on quality.

So whether you decide to splurge on that amazing piece you’ve had your eye on, or go with a budget friendly option, always make sure you are happy in the end. That’s all that truly matters!





2 thoughts on “The Faye Bag

  1. Love this bag, especially the color. Saw a lot of that color in Paris this summer with a deep royal blue. Gorgeous

    1. You are so right! This color is gorgeous & it goes with everything! Black, cream, grey, & other brown shades alike making it a must have in every woman’s wardrobe! Thank you for sharing and following along 🙂

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