How To Make Trends Work For You

The 90’s trend has been in full swing for sometime and appears to be sticking with us for awhile longer. I thought I would finally dive in. However, I’m not 14 anymore and a lot of the 90’s inspired clothing doesn’t work for my body type. I’m not going to wear a striped crop-top to my corporate job or when i’m working on my blog at home. It’s never going to happen. What I will do instead is find 90’s inspired clothing and rock the hell out of it instead! 


Sweater: Nordstrom – In Stores Only (similar) | Jeans: Leith | Shoes: Target (similar) | Earrings: BP | Handbag: Amazon

I love anything with stripes, it’s my go-to and I have never seen a stripe I didn’t like. That doesn’t mean that I can wear anything with stripes though. I’m a petite girl with big juicy curves, I love my body but not all clothing was created for it. So when certain trends don’t work for my shape I get creative.

There are a lot of options available this Fall for a 90’s stripe shirt. Crop tops, tight ribbed tops, sweaters, you get my point. For me this is heaven, but I need to keep in mind that my body shape doesn’t allow me to rock all the options. This is why I first take into consideration silhouette. Being realistic about what looks good on me is key. I don’t want to wear something that was intended for a 6ft. amazon goddess when i’m 5’4. So I lean towards cuts that I know will compliment my figure first.

Second, I pay attention to what I like about the trend. With stripes, I like the use of color, the different width of stripes & even the stripe placement on the shirt. Pairing what I like about the trend and matching it with a silhouette that looks killer on my body is a recipe for success! So the next time you think you can’t wear a trend your into, think twice and see how you can make that trend work for you!



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