White After Labor Day?…

Rules are meant to be broken, right? I say, ‘YES’! These so called ‘fashion rules’ are really just guidelines, not show stoppers. Not being able to wear white after Labor Day is old news. Haven’t you heard of Winter White?! 

Coat: Waverly Grey | Top: 1901 | Jeans: Leith | Flats: Target (similar) | Hat: Amazon

Now before I get too carried away and have you throwing caution to the wind, I do need to preface that some rules are simply there just for your benefit. Your belt should always match your shoes (you know who you are). In all seriousness, fashion is an expression of yourself, your personality. It shouldn’t be contained or constricted because of a silly rule someone created a million years ago; it should be on your terms. You should always feel confident in your clothing. If you don’t then let’s get you on the right path girl!

All women are beautiful, all bodies are beautiful so don’t let a silly rule tell you not to wear white if it looks great on you! Which it does, white looks great on everyone! Rock your style, rock your confidence and show the world who you are, smart, sexy, radiant and kind! You’re a woman and no one else is like you.


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