My Favorite Hair Accessories For Fall

The whole idea around hair accessories is new to me. I’ve been stuck on the idea for awhile but didn’t know how to break free from my association to hair bows from my youth. After a little inspiration digging and talking to my stylist I found some super on trend hair accessories that even the most conservative gal can rock! Here are my favorite affordable pieces for Fall!

  • Hair Scarf: Although this isn’t a new trend, I still love romantic and classic look a scarf adds to your hair. You can loop around a pony tail or rock them as a headband which make this easy for any length or hair style.

Scarf: Amazon

  • Hair Ties: I came across these adorable bow hair ties while working with a client and we both melted over them! They are both functional and add a little sparkle to your do.

Hair Ties: LOFT

  • Hair Clips: These are everywhere! Once I started on my inspo research I found hair clips everywhere and in all shapes, sizes and colors! You can wear these pulled to the side or as an alternative to a half-up-half-down clasp. I love that such a simple item adds so much more pzazz to your look. This is the effortless lady’s best friend!

Hair Clip

Hair Clip: LOFT

  • Headband: Of all the trends, this one for me is the toughest to pull off. There’s something about a headband that makes me feel either super preppy or like I’m a young babe again (both aren’t ideal). After focusing on ‘why’ I feel this way, I started looking at styles that have an edge to them. I played around with colored materials and different widths landing on minimalist styles that made me feel comfortable. I’m more cautious here than other’s might be so it’s a fun reminder to always be true to yourself and not be afraid to try something new.

Headband: (Left) TASHA; (Right) TASHA


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