Tips For Working At Home

I’m an extremely social person so working from home can be a little tricky for me at times. I miss the interaction and busyness that working with others brings. Instead of coffee chatter, I get Bosco’s wet nose and sappy eyes begging me to throw him a tennis ball. To help keep my work-life in balance I’ve implemented some effective tricks to help keep me focused and on track.

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Get Up

Set an alarm and decide on a fixed time each morning to wake up and start your day. Keeping a set schedule is my #1 rule to successfully working from home and setting a healthy routine. If you want to be taken seriously you need to start taking yourself seriously and be disciplined. Set work hours & stick to them! To stay focused, try to schedule meetings only during your work hours, create goals and to-do lists each day. These small tips have huge impacts on your productivity and effectiveness.

Designated Office or Working Space

Having a designated work space is so important, not only because it can be a tax write off, but it will help you be more organized and stimulated at work. The kitchen table isn’t suitable for long term success. You need a space where everything is right at your finger tips, one that doesn’t need to be packed up each night. It’s important to have this area be calm and allow for less distractions; after all you are trying to create a productive working environment.


Get Dressed

Getting up and getting dressed is the hardest step for me! It’s way to easy to spend the day (or weeks) in my pajamas!  One of the advantages from working from home is that no one needs to see me in this state, but I start to feel like a slug and my work-life balance takes a toll. Challenging myself to look and be my best even if no one sees me is huge motivation for me to work harder and be more productive. I can’t run a company that ‘Empower’s Women to Look and Feel Beautiful’ while looking like I just rolled out of bed! I need to practice what I preach, and approach each day as a fresh new opportunity.


Do you have tips for working successfully from home? Share below, I’d love to hear more!


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