USA: Jacksonville, FL

Moment of truth, I haven’t been the biggest fan of Florida over the years. However, Jon is from Florida and we decided it was time for me to put on my big girl pants and get over my (wrongful) judgement. Man, I’m so happy I followed his lead and allowed myself the opportunity to experience all that Florida has to offer.

Where We Stayed

Like I mentioned Jon is from Florida (Jacksonville specifically) so we were fortunate to stay with his family. We did scout out several incredible hotels and Airbnb’s right on the beach so if you are looking for an affordable beach vacation, this is your place! The great thing about Jacksonville is the place is loaded with incredible stores, restaurants and has a charm that is so welcoming. Did I also mention it has miles of white sand beaches?!

What We Loved

We really fell in love with Surfer The Bar because of the patio, great drinks and a no fuss atmosphere. This place had exactly what we were looking for in a beach bar including live music and a surfboards of course!

Another gem in Jacksonville was Saavy Naturals in the Neptune Beach neighborhood. Once inside the gorgeous shop, I was welcomed by a sweet and subtle fragrance that smelled so fresh and delicious. The staff was incredible and shared that this brand, featured on Sharktank, is so natural you could even eat the products! Whether you use one of their coconut base candles as it’s intended or as a lip balm or hand cream, you will not be disappointed with any of the products! I stocked up on a lot and have been loving them. The best part, they have an online shop! (HERE)

Where We Went

Prior to booking our trip, Jon insisted we go to two places. The first being Orlando for Disney and Universal and the other being St. Augustine. Both did not disappoint! I’ve been to Orlando and experienced both parks but it was so much fun going as an adult and seeing everything with childlike eyes. Each park was decorated for the holidays and it was a special treat I won’t forget!

Now St. Augustine was a real treat! The history (oldest city in the US), the charm and the welcoming atmosphere made this town one of my favorites! Given the holiday season, the town was also covered in lights making it show stopping at night! If you haven’t had a chance to experience this gem, I highly recommend it! There is something for everyone!

Our trip to Florida really opened my eyes to the beauty the Southeast has to offer! I’m happy to admit I can’t wait to go back for another charming beach vacation next year!


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