Be Kinder To Yourself

I try to be a kind person everyday. I’m constantly smiling and saying hello to strangers, I listen and try and be the best friend/girl friend/daughter I can be while helping people when they need it. For some reason I’ve discovered that I am not kind to myself though. I tell myself I’m not skinny enough, smart enough or even good enough at times. This is so wrong and so unhealthy. We can get down on ourselves, but we can also lift ourselves up and break this terribly damaging habit.


Jacket: Topshop (ON SALE) | Blouse: LEITH  |Denim: STS Blue (Under $50)  | Clutch: Kate Spade (similar)

Now if you’re anything like me you might think ‘words of affirmation’ is a silly thing to do, but it works! My therapist had me tape a picture of myself to my bathroom mirror and everyday (as many times as possible) I had to look at myself and tell myself positive feedback. After awhile I really started to notice a change in my attitude towards myself. My confidence grew and I also noticed a genuine peace that was replacing a negative spot on my heart for myself.


We tend to get so caught up on trying to fix the outward signs of an inward struggle. Before trying the latest fab diet or buying a whole new wardrobe, invest in your mental heath first. Everything else snaps into place when you are your best you from the inside out.



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