Hello, my name is Rachel Madsen and I started Madsen Style with a simple idea; I wanted to empower women to look and feel beautiful. With years of experience working in the fashion industry, I realized there is a lacking environment which helps educate women on how to define their personal style. Madsen Style is my creative outlet and opportunity to offer a space where women are able to learn simple tips and tricks for updating their wardrobes with ease. My belief is that all women are gorgeous and can look incredible at any age or with any body. It’s about focusing in on what makes women feel beautiful, not just look beautiful.

I truly believe that defining your style is greater than focusing on fashion alone. Dedicating attention to other areas like beauty, lifestyle and travel is part of what makes our lives enriched, so I feel it is important to offer tips and tricks in these categories as well. After all, our lives are full of complexities so I believe in offering well rounded content that captures balance and beauty fully, not singularly.  Thank you for following along, I welcome positive feedback and hope to share this journey with you.

Welcome to Madsen Style, where women come to be empowered to look and feel beautiful.