Personal Styling Experience



Every woman has a different need when it comes to establishing her personal style. It’s our job to help educate, guide and polish her fashion sense to enhance her natural beauty. By having a simple process, we’re able to cater our skills around each client’s specific and unique needs. These easy steps help create a fun, stress free, interactive environment that defines each woman’s personal look. Our stylists also believe that looking your best doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Each stylist works within clients predetermined budgets to ensure you are truly satisfied with each consultation. Whether you’re meeting with a stylist for the first time or a seasoned client, you will find our processes cater to you specifically, leaving you looking and feeling beautiful.


Introduction: An easy survey is sent to first time clients.  This allows you to be fully prepared and excited to begin working with your personal stylist. This survey identifies each customers needs, concerns and expectations. All questions are reviewed during the first thirty minutes of the in-home consultation.

Clean out: Everyone has items in their closet that have been taking up valuable space for too long. By carefully identifying those pieces, you and your stylist are able to make room for fresh new pieces. Stylists will also identify opportunities for items to be added to complete a well rounded custom wardrobe that is fresh and updated.

Shopping: Many women find shopping to be a cumbersome experience so we have options available that allow clients to choose what scenario works best for them.

  • Personal Shopper: A service where your stylist does the shopping for you. All items are brought to you to try on in the comfort of your home while also being able to pair with garments from your closet. (minimum 2 hours)
  • Personal Styling Experience: A service where you and your stylist shop together from a list of predetermined stores. (minimum 2 hours)
  • Solo Experience: After your stylist identifies opportunities in your wardrobe, the stylist will provide a list of stores and boutiques that fit within your budget so you can shop on your own with a goal in mind.

Style Book: After meeting with your personal stylist, a complete documented digital book is sent to you capturing all the custom looks the two of you created together. These individual images capture complete looks using pieces from your wardrobe that can be referenced for months to come.