Client Testimonies



“When I moved back to Seattle a few months ago after living in a small town in Eastern Washington for 10 years, I knew my wardrobe was in serious need of a makeover, but I didn’t know where to begin. I didn’t know what clothes I owned were still fashionable or how to put together an outfit that was up to date and reflected my personal style. I looked in my closet and thought “I don’t have anything to wear!” Rachel first guided me through the process of sorting out which items I should keep and what should go. Then she gathered all my favorite pieces, arranged them into various outfits,and took pictures for me to refer back to. I suddenly had 31 new outfits! Next Rachel gave me a shopping list of items to purchase to fill in the gaps in my wardrobe along with great suggestions of where to shop for specific items. Rachel’s expertise helped me to define my own style and gave me the confidence I needed to continue building a wardrobe that reflects that. Her shopping tips have saved me valuable time and money. I am so happy with the results and I highly recommend Rachel Madsen’s fashion services!”

-Marilyn Danbury


“My experience with MadsenStyle was fantastic. I was nervous to have a professional sort through my closet with me but Rachel made it so easy and comfortable. I never felt like she was judging me (even though I have my fair share of “teacher clothes” and other non-fashionable things). Rachel is SUPER trendy but the cool thing about her is that she picked outfits and pieces that looked good on me, not what she would want to wear. She listened to what I wanted and helped me to update my wardrobe in a way that wasn’t invasive. Plus- she let me keep up to 10 items from the “donate” pile, so I felt like I still had a lot of control over what I kept and what I didn’t. It wasn’t like a fashionista tornado swept through my closet leaving me with nothing to wear except little black dresses and heels. She helped me dress for my lifestyle. I felt great when we were finished and I LOVE looking in my closet now! Rachel even left me with a list of items to purchase to complete my wardrobe update. What a gem! MadsenStyle is worth every penny!”

Brooke Selg

“Rachel is a lifesaver! I received a last minute invite to a charity gala and had nothing to wear, and no time to shop. I told her a little bit about what I envisioned myself wearing and she shopped for me! Rachel brought a variety of gowns to my home for me to try on. Even better, she helped me complete my look with shoes and jewelry that I already owned. I would recommend the services of MadsenStyle to anyone who had a special event coming up. It was easy and stress-free!”

Anonymous, Seattle WA

“A friend of mine from Toastmasters said to me not too long ago, “I look forward to seeing what you will be wearing every week. You are so stylish.” I shared my little secret. I work with a wardrobe stylist, Rachel Madsen. Another time someone asked if I would help them with their wardrobe. I had to give them my stylist’s card. These comments assured me I had selected the right stylist for me. “But is she expensive, they asked?” Truth is, my stylist saved me money. Here is why:

  1. The first thing she did was interview me to get a feel for my style (and helped me establish in my own mind just what that was). Then we talked about my lifestyle, so she could make sure I had a complete wardrobe for all the activities in my life. Then she looked at my wardrobe to see what I had and what I was missing. She said I was missing some main pieces and told me what I needed to buy.
  1. I wanted her to go shopping with me to help make those selections. She knew just what departments to go to. And they weren’t all the most expensive stores. I learned what to buy and where.
  1. Now my favorite part: She took what I had and the fill in pieces I had purchased and started creating outfits from them, one for each day of the month and then more! She created a digital look book. When I can’t think of what to wear, I just refer back to my digital book.
  1. This is how I saved money. I have many more outfits with what I have because she showed me how to put them all together in different ways. She put items together in ways I would never have thought of. She gave me tips on shoes, jewelry and other accessories, even tips on hair and makeup!

I ended up with more than an updated wardrobe; but with a new fashion sense. I am a better shopper now. And I know who to call when I need help. I honestly feel better every time I head out my front door.”

-Linda Petrin


“I recently lost a lot of weight and needed to buy some new clothes. Of course I couldn’t replace my whole closet at once, but Rachel helped me to identify what I should keep, and what styles are most flattering on me now. She is so fun and positive to be around that I never wanted it to end! I ended up getting rid of a lot of clothes, but I love the stuff I kept. Rachel also helped me decide which pieces in my wardrobe could be updated as I could afford it. Now I have a list of things to buy for the summer and I can’t wait to show off my new body. Thanks MadsenStyle!”

Anonymous, Bellevue WA


“I recently started a new chapter of my life and along with it came a need for a personal transformation. I needed a new look for the new me. Recommend to Rachel by a close friend I worked with her to define my personal style and revamp my wardrobe. Not only did I need a new look for life, but for my new career as well. Her expertise and personable presence allowed me to greatly enjoy her process; I’ve never felt more confident. She took a usually draining and unsuccessful process and made it fun and exciting. I keep her on speed dial.”

-Dee Small


“I have a lot of clothes, yet I find myself wearing the same few outfits over and over. During my consultation with MadsenStyle, Rachel was able to help me put together outfits with the things I already had in my closet. She has an eye for fashion that is a true gift. Rachel is incredibly creative and she put together complete looks for me. Casual, work, date night, tennis, errands, anything I asked for she had a fresh and innovative idea for. The best part was… she took pictures of me in each outfit so now whenever I have “nothing to wear” all I have to do is scroll through my photos and I have ready to wear looks that are MadsenStyle approved. What could be better than that?”

-Anonymous, Seattle WA