Sea Salt

As Memorial Weekend quickly approaches I’ve been starting to plan my packing list to ensure I’m all set for the long weekend. I prefer to keep my packing to a minimum so my secret tip is to pack neutral basics for easy pairing. Dresses are also a must, since they don’t require much effort or thought when you’re on the go. The one thing I always bring no matter what the weather report tells me, are my favorite pair of jeans. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been eternally grateful I packed them. I usually only bring one cross body purse and keep my accessories light and dainty for a chic look.  Of course a light weight jacket or sweater is always a good idea for cool nights huddled around a camp fire.

What do you like to bring for weekend getaways?


One thought on “Sea Salt

  1. Love the look and you are right. Dresses are my go to because they look so nice with little effort. I throw in a sporty but stylish vest for hiking but can look good when I get back into society like catching a cup of coffee at a cafe.

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