TJ’s In Your PJ’s

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the holiday’s but I have a habit of burning myself this time of year. I’ve been committed to my mental health and taking time out for myself; so I was thrilled when I found a variety of affordable pampering items at my local Trader Joe’s! Not only did I stock up for myself but these are perfect stocking stuffer items for friends and family! Who doesn’t want to be pampered and de-stress a little?! Did I also mention that I was able to purchase ALL items and my total was around $25?


Everything you Need To Create Your Relaxing Experience For Under $25


  • Rose Water Facial Toner – $3.99
  • Charles Shaw Rose – $3.99 (In Store Only, must be +21)
  • No Sugar Added Chocolate Bar – $1.99 (In Store Only)
  • PJ’s!


With these amazing products just a click or drive away, make sure to carve some time out for yourself this holiday season!


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